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Ok, so we’re at a cat party.

Time period: 50’s – 60’s cat noir
So we’re all “cat burglars” and we’re setting up a cat burglary from a bunch of “fat cats”. Yes, these “fat cats” are actually fat. And they’re rich. They are aristocats.

Setting: At a large fat cat mansion on the Isle of Manx

The Isle of Manx is located on an island that’s fairly large and is like a cat destination vacation. It is a holy cat island like Jerusalem.

Exposition: Cat war. Ancient cat war.

History: There is a large island, a separate continent like Australia. It’s the greatest cat civilization EVER. It was named the Sprinkles Empire! (meow)

But, one day there was a catastrophe. Most of the continent sank into the sea! Oh noes! Essentially what happens is there’s a couple of large continents, some in the east and some in the west. Sprinkles was in the middle and it sank LOL. Some of the survivors dispersed to the east, and some to the west. Cat civilization has to start again on each continent.

Home Page

Cat Party etongay etongay